Thursday, February 10, 2005

Settled In

Ah well, the move is complete. More or less. Still plugging in and hanging up.

Just wanted to make an appearance here today, and introduce the latest of the ATC's received. This one is from Ellen in California. Beautiful work. I'm getting spoiled.

See you later, kids!

"Paleo-Unicorn 3" a Paleo-Mythos Monotype by Ellen Shipley Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Flying Turtles String Band Posted by Hello

Blind Painter

The name Esref Armagan has been showing up on lists and blogs and newsletters all week. When I heard about him a few days ago, I had to wonder, "Is this for real?"

Click the title to go to a site that tells his amazing story. Look at his paintings!

20 Questions to a Better Personality

Ok...Go ahead. Take this test. Not your ordinary personality test. Unbelievably, the wacky assessment really described me.

New ATCs in the Mail! Thanks Kathleen & Lee!

Ahhhh. There is nothing like finding a loaded envelope in the mailbox. And there is something even more delightful...finding a painted envelope in the mailbox. Kathleen, o amazing one, sent "Bumblebee Boogie" in a bumblebee boogieing wrapper...I gotta tell ya, that is one envelope that will not be tossed!

The following four ATCs were traded for four of mine. Boy. What a mine of inspiration! Each of these "trading cards" is truly a little work of art. Look at "Don't Fence Me In." This painting would be great at any size. Can't you see it scaled up to 5' x 7'? You bet.

What a great vice!

"Turtle Totem" (Lee) Posted by Hello

"Bumblebee Boogie" (Kathleen) Posted by Hello

"Water Dreams" (Kathleen) Posted by Hello

"Don't Fence Me In" (Kathleen) Posted by Hello