Monday, April 25, 2005

Barberville Pictures

Well, here's your chance to see the Flying Turtles String Band in action. ( In the long narrow dance hall, the band is at the head of the hall, on stage, and the callers stand below. If you scroll down the page, you will see plenty of shots of the dancers dancin' and the band swingin' away. There are also shots of other "stages" throughout the Pioneer Settlement. Photos by K B W.

High Springs Eternal

We got to High Springs last Tuesday night. Unloaded a few things into Pam's garage. Crashed. Boom. Even Artie The Catt was ready for sleep.

Next day, we found our way to town, picked up the weekly newspaper, gloried in the fresh air and smell of pines. Saw an ad for a farmers' mkt the next day...needing musicians and artists. Well. Alrighty.

Thursday morning, Tom hiked to town along the old railroad tracks. Ended up at the train station - well, now it's the Chamber of Commerce. Talked to a fella there who called a friend who talked to Tom and next thing I knew we were loading up our instruments. Played that afternoon at that Farmers' Market and got paid guessed it...fruits and veggies! Yee ha!

Still unwinding, Friday. Artie got scared by her "first" dog. Amazing watching her tiptoeing around in the leaves. A chill blew in. We lit a fire outside and watched the moon.

Saturday we drove and drove and ended up in Barberville. We met up with Chuck and Sandee and threw together a couple of for for a contra dance. Was delighted and surprised to meet Kathleen (an artist whose work is shown below...) and her husband Jeff and their daughter Caitlin. Turns out Kathleen and Caitlin are both violinists. They came to our shows and went to the jams and made quite a hit with the ol fiddlers.

Yesterday, I started to pick apart an old Kentucky fiddler's version of Arkansas Traveler...and got seduced by the dang tune. Ended up playing it for about 8 hours. Now, it makes sense to me.

Tom is cleaning out the gutters for Pam and Rick - the least we can do in exchange for staying in their beautiful river house.

Oooh...he just came in and announced that it would be a good time to take the canoe for a paddle. Yee ha! So...I guess that's what we're up to for the next little while. I'll pack up my sketching goodies and see if I can give y'all a little picture of my NoFla environment.

Cheers, Dolls!