Friday, October 07, 2005

Florida Fiddlers Convention

Well, today, this rainy ol day, is day #1 of the Florida Fiddlers Convention. The weather is in a holding pattern of rain rain rain, not tropical bullet-like rain, just misty constant make-the-world-green rain until a big front headed south intercepts the big front coming up from Cuba. So, this is not great for those musicians whose idea of a great convention is sitting around the campfire picking til 4am. Even I don't have a collection of plastic instruments.

Adding to the confusion of the weather, we have a new baby in the house, too. He's 10 weeks old, a little ol blue heeler who got dropped off. We found him under the house and the neighbors all plead ignorant. So, the fat wad of vet billage behind us, we embark on quite the wild and crazy ride. His IQ is about 180. Compared to moi, she of the one remaining functioning neuron...he's a genius. His level of energy is superior to any I've seen in the last several years. So, I'm planning on losing 10 pounds just trying to keep up. Tom named him Smitty. HA.

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